Bless the Broken

This morning I woke up with a calling God placed on my heart. These words were revealed as I closed my eyes and trusted Him to guide my hand. So many of us have found ourselves hurting and broken; feeling that we are unworthy of God’s grace. But His grace, as is His love is abundant and unfailing. It’s in those moments of darkness that He reaches out to us in earnest, patiently waiting for us to turn to Him. As His word reveals, “I am the way and the truth and the life.” (John 14:6). Turn to Him in all things, lean on Him in all things, trust in Him in all things and know that He is God.


God bless the broken

The hurting and the lost

Let them find their way to You

In every moment

No matter the cost.

Remind them of Your mighty ways

That Your grace is unending

Even for those who are weary

Shattered and unbending.

You never forsake them

Even when they turn from You

You wait patiently in the shadows

For the them to seek Your holy truth.

You use them all

Your broken lambs

To spread your love to a weary world

That fails to understand.

That even when the mountains

Rise higher and unmoving

Your goodness is still constant

Your presence unending.

Teach them to put their trust in you

To surrender their lives to Your grace

To know without question

That with open arms

You will always wait.

Through fire and flood

Through guilt and shame

Your mercy is there

They need only call your name.

God bless the broken

Who carry their burdens in defeat

Who fail to see the freedom

In laying them at your feet.

Who fail to recognize

That You’ve already paid the cost

For every broken soul that cries

For the disheartened and the lost.

That in every season

Since their very first breath

It is in You alone that they will find

Redeeming rest.

Bless the broken, God

Turn their eyes to Heaven

Let them see the power and the promise

In the sacrifice You’ve freely given.

Grant them the wholeness, God

That they will only know in You

That Your love is sealed upon their being

And their everything is only found in You.


~ Jennifer Nelson Fenwick (© 2018)

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