No Greater Love

My sin was great
Your love was greater….

Where have they all gone?
That crowd that brought you here
Accusing you of sin and shame
A life not fit to spare?

One by one they gathered stones
Ready to let them fly
As Jesus stood there patiently
Simply asking why.

Adulteress, the crowd they screamed
A sinner through and through
Not fit to stand upon this ground
Or lift her eyes to You.

Quietly He sat upon
that ground where they all stood
And drew upon the dusty earth
That would one day bear His blood.

He who is without sin, He said
May cast the very first
While silently she hid her face
Preparing for the worst.

One by one the stones they fell
From each and every hand
With simple words He’d broken through
An angry crowd disband.

She lifted questioning eyes
And gazed upon His face.
I do not understand she said
My sins are not erased.

My child, He said, you are set free
Go and sin no more
This is My purpose, why I’ve been sent
What My life is given for.

I am not worthy to receive you, Lord
But in gratitude I kneel
Just say the word and I believe
My battered soul is healed.

My sin was great….
His love is greater still.

~ Jennifer Nelson Fenwick (© 2018)